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Case Study

Fletcher Construction accelerates project timelines by 75%, setting new quality benchmarks

Aerial view of a construction site on the mountains


Timeline acceleration

meeting project objectives


Improved accuracy

in tracking changes



fostering risk-sharing

The Challenge

Fletcher Construction implemented Procore into the Mangere Wastewater project in 2018, digitising its change and project management. Implementing Procore Project Management, Project Financials and the digital ITPs solution, Action Plans helped the company build its change management process around Procore workflow while integrating third-party apps, such as Zoom and Microsoft tools. Thanks to Procore platform insights, Fletcher Construction realised it could overcome quality and timeline challenges across its construction portfolio worldwide.

The Solution

Fletcher Construction turned to Procore for 100% project management transparency on mission-critical projects to automate and transform real-time collaboration outcomes. Procore dashboards keep suppliers and clients across changes, overdue RFIs, productivity and health and safety compliance. The Submittals tool links design to completion, while Correspondence and automated RFIs workflow ensures timely responses and new levels of accountability. Procore helped the company significantly reduce completion timelines.

"Procore offers more than document control. Its unique project management capabilities are unlike other offerings in the market. It’s helped us manage multiple complex projects with greater efficiency and faster timeframes," said Matthew Stanford, Design Interface Manager, Project Controls Manager.

There is more trust in the information we can provide to our project clients because of Procore. We gain greater insights each time we use Procore, and it’s helping us deliver better business processes.

Michael Stuart


Construction crane moving pieces

Fast-tracking quality control and construction

With the brownfield Mangere Wastewater Plant project, Procore delivered the help needed to support significant change management. There were extensive uncontrolled drawings being circulated manually, while correspondence and communications were managed by spreadsheets. Procore supported defects, inspections, health and safety and quality.

"Procore delivers extensive productivity from raising an RFI through to the Change Events tool through variations and processes. We have centralised our change management, and this accelerated our digital construction management journey," said Michael.

Water tank

Accelerating project completion

Proving its value as a key business tool, Procore was implemented on another mission-critical project. The Waikato Water Treatment Plant development would make Auckland drought resilient, ensuring residents and businesses wouldn’t run out of water. Fletcher Construction would oversee a project to increase water treatment capacity by an additional 50 million litres a day, with Procore helping with quality control and timeline challenges.

The Submittals tool was used to register and communicate everything from the design process, procurement, quality assurance, all the way to completion. This helped the project maintain its ambitious timeline, transforming how Fletcher Construction could plan and prepare for upcoming work.

The automated workflow in Correspondence and RFIs kept the team communicating and enabled speedy responses needed to meet the water needs for millions of residents facing potential water shortages.

"Procore enabled true transparency and collaboration with multiple parties from day one. The direct upside of this is we can shave 75 per cent from our project completion timeline. That’s game-changing," said Matthew.

Construction area with a crane in the middle

Roadmap to better project outcomes

The company is leveraging the Procore platform for better project outcomes with its ongoing use across Fletcher Construction projects. For Michael Allen, the refinement of Procore workflow and the benefit of a central platform is invaluable.

"Procore delivers clarity of thought. Everything is in one place and it’s right at my fingertips. There is also an expectation with our clients that such platforms should be in operation. With Procore, you have one streamlined linked platform that can integrate third-party apps for added functionality. I very much support Procore as a project manager. It saves me time, protects my budget, and keeps my people safe."

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