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A collection of free guides, tools, and expert coaching for construction professionals. Brush up on the fundamentals, or dig deeper with advanced topics.


Learn more about the planning, estimating, and bidding activities before a project breaks ground.

Two cranes tower stand tall above a construction site.

Growing Profit Margins in Construction: ANZ Estimating Tactics

Successful construction company management requires a diverse skillset. You’ve got...

Three construction professionals wearing safety vests and hard hats on a jobsite discussing project details.

8 Key Types of Construction Contracts Explained

In general, there are five common types of construction contracts:...

2 contractors wearing PPE at construction site surveying amount of concrete needed for concrete pour

Construction Purchase Orders 101: A Contractor’s Guide to POs

Construction purchase orders are key financial elements of an overall...

Photo of 2 people in a office reviewing a document on a laptop.

5 Types of Tendering in Construction

In the bustling Australian construction scene, developers and contractors don’t...

Project Management

Dive deeper into how construction work happens. From planned construction activities, managing people and resources, or ensuring compliance with design specifications and safety standards, learn how companies could better complete projects on time and on budget.

Photo of architect on future construction site during the predevelopment phase deciding on site feasibility

Understanding the 6 Phases of Project Management in Construction

Construction projects are like no other. Each one is unique,...

Two people review construction drawings and discuss project specifications.

A Complete Guide to Construction Contract Management

Managing construction contracts can lead to an extensive physical paper...

Man checking the level of a metal beam on a door.

A Guide to Defect Lists in Construction

When you’re managing a construction project, it can feel like...


Jobsite Communication Best Practices for Head Contractors

Effective communication serves as the foundation for driving success in...

Risk Management

Learn how to identify, mitigate, and manage the variety of risks construction businesses face in the industry.

Two construction workers wearing safety harnesses walk under scaffolding in a city.

5 Common Construction Site Hazards and How to Mitigate Them

Adding the right tools to your toolbox can make your...

A man in a safety vest and hard hat holding a tablet walks along a field of solar panels.

9 Common Construction Risks for Contractors & Owners

Construction is a tough, often volatile industry, with one of...

Closeup photo of worker in reflective vest conducting construction jobsite inspection

Construction Jobsite Inspection: How to Monitor Progress, Quality & Safety

Construction site inspections are critical to ensuring that quality and...

Man in hard hat looking at a computer screen while another man looks on.

Construction Risk Management: 6 Ways to Reduce Construction Risks

Ensuring that your construction risk management plan can withstand any...

Recent Articles

Photo of a contractor holding a clip board with a punch list on a construction site

Construction Defect Lists Explained

A defect list is a document that lists the final...

Contractor estimating costs with drawings and a calculator

Construction Estimating: The Building Blocks to Success

Construction estimating is a crucial process in the construction industry,...

Illustration of a construction RFQ document

RFQs Explained: How Contractors Prove Their Qualifications

In the construction industry, the term RFQ can mean two...

Two engineers in high visibility coats look at construction drawings.

RFIs: A Contractor’s Guide to Requests for Information

Head contractors spend a lot of time waiting for owner-developers...

Photo of 2 people in a office reviewing a document on a laptop.

5 Types of Tendering in Construction

In the bustling Australian construction scene, developers and contractors don’t...

Man in hard hat and vest surveys a construction site with workers and equipment.

The Construction Tendering Process Explained

Understanding the tendering process is essential for head contractors and...

Photo of a construction worker on a job site wearing a hardhat and walking away from the camera

12 Types of Subcontractors in Construction

Construction projects often require a variety of companies to work...

Photo of 2 people signing construction contract documents

Daywork Contracts in Construction: Guide for Contractors and Owner-Developers

A daywork contract is a construction agreement in which the...

Contractors reviewing drawings and contract documents.

Understanding Lump Sum Contracts in Construction

A lump sum contract, also known as a stipulated sum...

An architect and contractor review drawings and contract documents

How Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contracts Work in Construction

The risk of financial loss is a common concern between...

Illustration of construction worker on scissor lift

Construction Incident Reports

Responding to an incident on the worksite can seem daunting....

Three construction workers wearing safety gear standing side-by-side in a warehouse and smiling.

Workforce Scheduling in Construction: 8 Tips To Improve Labour Productivity

Proper scheduling of construction labour and resources can result in...

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