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Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

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Companies do more with Procore.


Days Saved


Reduction in Rework


More Construction Volume

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* Based on a 2022 survey of Procore customers.

See how more than 1 million projects get done on our platform.

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Keep everything in one place.

Run your projects with complete visibility by housing every app, document, and person in Procore’s cloud-based platform.

  • Reduce miscommunications and manual entry errors

  • Proactively course-correct to stay on schedule and budget

  • Maintain historical records for dispute resolution

Collaborating on Procore in the field and office


Collaborate across teams and projects.

Eliminate delays and increase efficiency and productivity by connecting owners, main contractors, and specialty contractors in one system.

  • Exchange data and documents across companies

  • Ensure collaborators have access to real-time project details

  • Avoid duplicate entry errors and rework

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Grow with the platform that adapts to your needs.

Scale efficiently with technology that offers the flexibility you need to create new processes as you grow and improve.

  • Get unlimited users, data, and support

  • Customise fields, workflows, and tools to fit your processes

  • Build custom apps with our developer toolkit

Connecting Everyone Starts with Trust

Create more productive and safe jobsites with a global partner that is powered by a platform with world-class infrastructure, security and privacy built into every layer, and supports you wherever you are.

lock and shield security icon

Manage Your Security

We build security into everything we do—allowing you to focus on project risks, not security risks.

privacy folder icon

Protect Your Privacy

We keep your customer data confidential and respect your privacy.

cog icon

Defend Your Data

Choose where you want your most sensitive assets located knowing that we are safeguarding your data.

Explore more ways Procore makes building easier.

Icon for Procore's Real-time Labour Costing  tool

Real-time Labour Costing

Connect labour hours and material installed to your budgets in real time for up-to-date labour costing.

Icon for Procore's Search tool


Find what you need faster by accessing search results across tools from one place.

Icon for Procore's Custom and Configurable Fields tool

Custom and Configurable Fields

Create a unique Procore experience for your users with configurable and custom fields.

Icon for Procore's Security tool


Protecting our customers and partners with best-in-class security and compliance practices.

Customer Story

Procore gives us all the information in one platform, which helps reduce my time behind the desk and spend more time on site.

Maria Russo

Customer Experience Manager

BW: Workplace Experts

Resources for Selecting the Best Construction Software

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Construction Project Management Software Buyer's Guide

A step-by-step guide for evaluating today’s software solutions.

This is the only software buyer's guide on the market created specifically for your needs as a specialty contractor.

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