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See it to build it, perfectly.

Improve project predictability by taking 3D models out of the office and putting them in the hands of the people installing and validating work in the field.

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Connect BIM and field teams.

Once BIM managers publish coordinated models, they are accessible to the entire project team. View in the field on iOS devices while walking the job site or on the web while running meetings in the trailer. 

  • Navigate models without installing modeling software

  • Collaborate in 3D and 2D with all project stakeholders in real time

  • Load large files in seconds from the app and web viewer 

  • Eliminate IT license management

Procore BIM Elevations view


Dynamic Wall Elevations

Currently in beta, dynamic wall elevations make the model more valuable than ever for field teams. Select a building wall in the model to produce elevation drawings on the fly. Zoom in and out to see dimensions and measurements adjust as you change perspective. This will change the way you build.

  • Create elevation drawings directly from the federated model

  • Eliminate the time spent recreating lift drawings in an authoring solution

  • Improve quality through easy access to every penetration, blockout and embed location

Procore BIM screen


Reduce installation errors.

Deliver projects to your owners expectations and prevent costly mistakes by giving field teams a way to confidently compare site conditions to 3D models and 2D drawings.

  • Visualize what needs to be built to avoid onsite surprises

  • Validate planned work by referencing the coordinated model

  • Identify coordination issues and assign resolutions to team members

  • Make better decisions with relevant BIM object properties

Procore BIM tool


Streamline BIM coordination.

Connect with Procore Design Coordination, a real-time collaborative workflow tool that helps teams get “clash-free” 3D models faster.

  • Reduce risk and deliver higher quality projects 

  • Simplify communication to get your team on the same page

  • Distribute BIM data in minutes instead of days

  • Improve design constructability and project predictabilit

BIM Tools

Get immediate access to reliable BIM data—no matter where your work takes you.

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An extremely performant BIM viewer.

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Track and manage general project tasks.

See how XL Construction uses BIM in the field to avoid rework.

Join Construction Technology Manager, Trevor Johnston, on a walkthrough.

Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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